Monday, May 1, 2017

Snap Conference Recap Day 2

Day 2 of Snap Conference and I am so loving the Rust-Oleum booth area set up! It always looks so awesome and fun to explore. 

So many spray paints!

While I love and am loyal to Cricut, I also enjoy checking out Silhouette and what they are up to. I buy images whenever they are half off and have a little Portrait vinyl cutter machine. 

The winning luck was with me and I won a Mint machine! So very cool - I've wanted one of these ever since they came out! I was really excited to win this.

We all got this pretty bracelet from Charmed Collections

DMC Floss was so generous and gave me a bunch of these new bracelets for an upcoming Pinterest party as well as scissors, floss winders, scissors and other accessories. They were so very nice and friendly to talk to as well. 

Some room swag from Kraft Jet Puffed!

He smelled like marshmallows too! So squishy and soft. 

The food for dinner was more snacks and appetizers so a lot of people went out to eat in the evening. I went to a fun Cricut event with a couple of my roommates and met some friends over there (a few blocks away - glad I had my car!) as well. It was a rainy night. 

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