Sunday, September 13, 2015

KSL Preview Night - New Shows For Fall!

This is my third year attending the preview night at KSL Studios in Salt Lake City. It's always a treat to go and I dont know if other TV stations do this, but they should!

 Walked in to find these fancy tables with cute orange boxes (there were gumballs inside) and you could put your name into a drawing to win some awesome prizes later in the evening.

 I'm not one for dressing up much, I keep it pretty casual on Sundays but this year I felt like dressing up for this red carpet event and I'm glad I did. It was fun to get pictures taken and we got hard copies on our way out.

 So many yummy foods and treats! I loved the green hummus (?) for the pita bread and the pizza muffins were really good as well as the cheese, crackers, pretzel, veggies..oh my. So much deliciousness.

 The newscasters spoke to us for a little bit and showed us some clips, how KSL cares and then they showed up a full episode of the season premiere of Blindspot.

 I am so hooked! I hope the rest of the season is as good as the premiere.

 Along with Blindspot, I am also excited to check out Best Time Ever and watch 
The Voice again.

 Thank you KSL for the swag bags - so pretty!

 In our swag bag was a mug (not pictured) and a frame to put our red carpet photos in. This is my friend Karina, myself and my sister Laura.

 This really was one of my best times ever at a blogger event. I appreciate every year that KSL does this and that I'm able to go!

What fall shows are you looking forward to start watching this month?

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