Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smokey Windows Usually Mean There Is Fire

Saturday evening I was trying to find a few more cube cloth boxes that were on sale, 60% off! at Michaels. We checked at a store in Provo with no luck. Headed over to the one in Draper and I found 5! I put my bag in the car and got into the passenger seat. As I turned my head to buckle my seat belt, I noticed the car next to had flames on the passenger side! I said, "Tony! That car is on fire, move away from it!" and he said, "Call 9-1-1!" I only had 14% battery left on my phone but luckily it lasted for the whole call. 

Tony went into Ross and Michaels to have them page everyone in the store and make them aware. The lady at Michaels didn’t really know what to say so Tony told her and then he added, "FYI" to the end and she said, "There is a blue Hyundai on fire out in the parking lot. FYI". ROFL oh my, so hilarious that she said it like that. I know this kind of excitement doesn’t happen every day...

Meanwhile, nobody comes out of the stores to claim the car. The fire truck arrived and a couple police cars. The firemen bust out the driver side window and search the car to make sure nobody is inside. Its a tiny hatchback, so it was a pretty quick search. They pulled something out of the glove-box and put it on the ground. After a quick hosing with a fire extinguisher a cop came over and said it looked like the ashtray was in the glove-box and some of the ashes didn’t make it in the tray all the way. Whoops! Yikes. It looked like a makeup bag had caught fire and luckily the flames didn’t spread since there was not a lot of oxygen in the car. Poor owner of the car! It had Oregon plates too. Double bummer to be out of town and have this happen.



We went to Savers really quick because they closed at 9 and drove past Michaels again on our way home and saw that some people had arrived.  Looked like a girl and her husband and her dad.  I'm glad the car didn’t have to get towed and the owner would have come back in disbelief to find her car gone but it's still just as bad to get back to the car and find it with a broke window as well as fire and smoke damage. Tony asked me if I wanted to get out and give the girl a hug but I said no, that'd probably be weird. I hope she makes it back to Oregon okay!

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