Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SLC Adventures: Aerial Art Show

A few weeks ago I won tickets to see an Aerial Arts Show in SLC from the blog Fun Cheap Or Free. I was so excited to do something I'd never done before or seen before in real life. I told Tony I had a special date night planned but didn't tell him any details. Saturday was pretty busy with Tony at school all day working on a project and I spent the morning with my sister and then at the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork. Tony & I met up in the evening though and we saw this:

Cool light display on the curtains

So fancy!

I told him his face looked expensive

On stage she and 3 others were like birds and they did tricks in the rings hanging from the ceiling. They were one of my favorite parts

Tony thought it was so cool that her skirt was on wheels and followed her 
wherever she went

Awesome girl with awesome hair! Shaved like a chess board

It was such a fun evening. I'd love to be flexible and acrobatic like these aerial artists!

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