Wednesday, April 9, 2014

LDS Conference Weekend Eats

Saturday morning session of LDS General Conference we may have missed due to being at the screening for Rio 2. We did catch the afternoon session and ate our leftovers from Bucca Di Beppo the previous night.

Sunday was a different story. Tony's cousin Joey came over and my sister Laura & her family came over and we made so much deliciousness for breakfast.

Owl shaped eggs!

Scrambled eggs too because not everyone likes a sunny side up egg

Tots - aka "Tator Rounds"


Awesome bacon I won from Tony's work Christmas party. It's been in the freezer just waiting for the perfect moment. This bacon is legit, thick, cooked to perfection.

Orange glazed cinnamon rolls. Tony had just put the frosting on so it did melt out a little better (like the one in the top right corner).

Lunch was tortilla chips and dip, ruffled chips and dip, pita bread sandwiches with deli sliced roast beef. SO GOOD.

Joey & I painted our nails - she did Easter colors and her nails looked so great!

I tried to be all fancy with some designs on a bright yellow-green color.

I did listen to conference , or tried to, in the middle of everything. I tweeted some things that stood out to me on my account here if you want to check them out.

Did you watch General Conference? Leave a comment below with what you did while watching, even if it was just taking notes!

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