Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thick Snow

This is my "I love the snow so much" face. 

The first real good snow we got was just this last December, as it should be. Snow should not be allowed to start until then imo. It had snowed up in the mountains but not at our house until this time. So glad my car can be a bit protected in the carport area. 

However Tony's truck was not so lucky. It had a lot of snow on it.

It was pretty deep!

A few inches next door on the shed

Sad day that the teardrop is covered with a ginormous tarp until better weather in 2014

Funny snow on the ground.

I like to visit the snow but not live in it.  Hoping I can make it through the winter and am soo ready for summer, warm and sun to be here! 

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