Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nebo Loop Scenic Drive

The last Sunday in September rolled around and I was getting anxious that we had not done this scenic drive yet. Finally had a day with some nice weather so after church and a little bit of lunch, we headed up to the Nebo Loop.  I forgot that I have been up here before and that my car overheats at the top every time. Sad day. Ok, so we have just been up here a couple times now but yea...guess my car doesnt care for the drive. Oh well!

It took about an hour from where we live in SLC to get to Payson, where the scenic byway starts. A bit far to go but Tony was a good sport and went along with it.

and then this yucky bug - wasp - yellowjacket thing flew IN to the car and landed on Tony's leg. I was freaking out a bit and luckily Tony got the car pulled over and I was jumping out before he had slowed down all the way. I dont like those things!

I love to take panoramic shots when the view is good

part of the drive was on a gravel road but my car did pretty well. I was nervous through the muddy areas (melting snow) but there were no tire ruts so we were able to make it without turning around.

Open range, I'm glad we didnt encounter any cows in the road..just close to it

Selfie in the middle of the road

It was chilly but not too bad. 

Letting my car cool down for a bit

Some great colors here, love the bright leaves

I probably leaned over Tony to take this shot but the view was so amazing

My friend Jennifer was in town from Arizona and I was excited for Jennifer to be able to take pictures of the fall colors. And...the snow too I guess.

Saw this on the way home and thought it was funny. Truck pulling a boat and...a boot car!

Have you gone on any scenic drives to take pictures of the fall colors? Leave me a comment with your link and I'll come check your pictures out!

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