Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Real Life Story: Ax Attack!

I'm so proud of Tony in his interview with KSL. I think he did a great job.

So this unfortunate event happened about a month ago now, right in our front yard.

Tony & I were watching TV upstairs and I heard loud voices outside our open window. I jumped off the bed and peeked through our curtains and said to Tony, " I think there is gonna be a fight!" and sure enough, there was a fight. I did not expect it to escalate the way it did. I'm glad no one saw me recording while Tony was on the phone trying to get ahold of the police. He saved all my video clips to a flash drive to give to one of the officers. 

It wasnt long but felt like forever and finally about 6 cop cars showed up, a detective? (unmarked car) , a firetruck and an ambulance. It was crazy that we were both home to witness this because it was before 5pm when it all went down and normally we wouldnt be home. I'm glad we were though. 

Tony emailed a couple news stations about the story and KSL contacted us first, secured rights to the video and it was on the news the evening after it happened I believe. Right after that we had a few news stations show up at our door, hoping to get access to the video but they were too late. Too bad!

It was funny to hear from friends around the US that they had seen my video on the news! I had a friend in Florida say she saw it on Telemundo and a friend in San Diego saw it too.

I found some pretty funny comments online and wanted to save them to remember them. These are from  Have fun reading them! Some of them made me laugh quite a bit. 

must ban assault axes! its for the children!

I can't believe that the attacker is only 23, he isn't going to age well.

Who needs a gun???....LOL
Maybe the boy just needs a good ask-kickin before he hurts or kills some one
by the way he's driving.An axe is xtreme though,a short rubber hose would
have done the trick..

Yeah did you see the teens shifty eyes? He was up to something. I mean I couldn't actually see his shifty eyes but I know they were there... and they were shifting.

If you look like the guy who taped the attack and your neighbors look like the people he was recording, the best thing to do is move.

There goes all our axes.

That's what I've been axing about.

This is an Axordinary story. I'm glad the boy is alright though...
he was just axing him a few questions about his driving.

Did anybody axe him why he's so mad? Maybe he just needed compassion.

I think he was trying to axe that teen why he was such a bad driver.

Time for preschoolers, to teach adults everywhere, how to "use their words."

Phelan.... Felon....

How appropriate.

Move dude. We have sacrificed lots to make sure we NEVER lived in a rough area. Older cars and penny pinching and whatever we had to do.

I live about three miles from where this happened. It is on the other side of I-15. It is one crazy neighborhood. We have our share of crazy neighborhoods in Utah. The news did not surprise me at all. I am glad the kid was able to duck or he would have been hit by the ax.

moral of the story: Don't sell fake coke. And secondly, its never too late to get your GED.

I for one, AM SHOCKED. They all look like such nice, friendly neighbors. Especially the twin sister/wife of Ax-Man. I love the way she pulls on his shirt as a way to stop his vicious attack of a teenager. Then she jumps in till Umbrella Boy comes to the rescue.

He'd have just dropped it if they'd axed him nicely.

The man had an ax to grind.

 He just wanted to axe him a question.

I feel shameful because this story made me laugh and inspired jokes about going medieval on somebody. =( Why couldn't they just joust it out?

I was thinking the same thing. I bet the wife was thinking "So I Married An Axe Murderer"..

On KSL's website...

Terrible stuff, he could have chopped off the kid's head! This dude has a great swing, kind of like a professional tennis player.

Reb8600 - "My question is why did someone stand at the window just to film this instead of trying to stop it?"

Tony's response (which I loved): I was the person that shot the video, well my wife was the one. When we got to the window the kids his 4 friends where arguing with the guy and his wife. There was a person across the street that was already on the phone the police. So we started to take pictures to help the police identify the people involved. 
Things simmered down and each group when back to their houses (one on each side of me). When the man got the ax I got on the phone with the police (because it was escalating into a fight with a weapon) and my wife started videotaping. 
If you see the guy in the red shirt he was there most of the time trying to break things up and calm everyone down.
So why didn't I get out and try to help? How would one more person yelling help anyone? Did you want me to get into the face of the guy with an ax? Should I have gone outside with a gun confronting 6+ people that where already on the point of breaking? 
If the Zimmerman case has taught me one thing, being justified in shooting someone is not a cut and dry case. Winning in court does not mean that I will keep my job and house and not have to go into hiding for my safety.

Jay W. You could be perfect and people on ksl or anywhere for that matter will find something wrong with you. In fact I think they've written a book about that once. Anyways, just so you know, I think the majority of people think it is fine that you stayed out of it and grabbed a little footage for the authorities. 
Besides, you are spot on about the zimmerman case.

You did the right thing! Thanks for getting the footage and calling the cops!

You know what they say, "Don't bring an umbrella to an axe fight."

I like the Teardrop Trailer at 1:45 in the video.


Why thank you, to the person who commented on our teardrop trailer. I wish I had seen that in time to reply before they closed the comments. 

Anyways, exciting and crazy times. I'm not sure where Phelan Silas is these days but I havent seen him around the neighborhood since he was arrested. I just hope I dont come home one day to find an ax in my door! 

Have you ever had a crazy experience in your neighborhood? 
Leave your story in a comment!


Cindy Jenkins said...

Holy cow! How crazy to be right there to video tape it!

The Rosenau's said...

those comments are hilarious!

UtahCouponDeals said...

This is crazy. Its sad that stuff like this happens. At least they have it on tape!