Saturday, September 14, 2013

Midvale Harvest Festival , Etc.

Ready for the parade! It was nice that it was just right down the street from me

The parade is startin. I had good seats and there were lots of neat floats and groups that went by. Sadly Tony had to miss it since he had to be down in Provo.

Midvale City Park had a bunch of things going on all day after the parade. I went and checked it out for about 40 min or so. Lots of stuff for kids to do. I got my nails done. Fun stuff.

Kids doing stomp rockets with the guy in the black shirt at Craft Lake City downtown.

Walked around a lot, it was hot - just like last year. I got a big lemonade , a henna tattoo - yay for owls with glitter! , stopped by the Cricut booth to say hi to friends there and then made my way back home so I could get ready for a house warming/birthday party for a friend in Lehi. 

Made it back in time to see a couple balloons inflate at the Sandy Balloon Glow. Had a few friends come, that was fun! It was windy enough that only 2 of the balloons dared to inflate and they didnt stay up for very long. Aw well. It was fun though. 

I had a great time.

And...Tony did too. hehe

After that I was not tired at all and wanted to go out and do more things, Hawaiian event at Gardner Villege and fireworks at Midvale City park. Tony was tired though, I dont know why? ;-) So I watched the fireworks from our place - I could barely see them through the trees but it worked. Finally I settled down enough to fall asleep later that night. I love busy weekends!

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Meradeth Houston said...

Love your busy weekends! And grad manicure--super cute!