Sunday, September 15, 2013

Owls at Gordmans

I have so many posts I need to do. My trip to California. Camping in Idaho with Tony's family. A trip to Vegas for a concert. A story about our neighbor with an axe tomahawk. Omgoodness. I feel bad that I'm so behind. Those posts will happen, you'll just have to check back to see when.

As for tonight , I really wanted to get something up so a few nights ago Tony & I were out and about and I went to Gordman's for a bit to look around before they closed. Here's what I found!

Owl sweater, pretty cute. I was tempted to try it on but I didnt have much time before they closed. 
Super cute owl purse bags! If only I didnt already have so many purse bags...

I thought this jacket was pretty stylish. $40 I think instead of $80. 

Pretty cute but the back of the shirt was I could have made it work with a tshirt underneath though.

I liked this tank but I have way a lot of these. Like, so many. 
do not need, shouldn't buy more

Owl card cases. So colorful!

This isnt owl but I really liked these. So many different colors

This was so big. I guess people would put it on their porch? I liked it though!

Loved this tank..thought about it for New Years..but it was a Medium and I couldnt even get it on it was too tight. Sad day. The other shirt I tried was a Large and looked way too big on me! Guess it wasn't meant to be. 

The owls eyes in this painting were hilarious to me. So big!

As much as I hate to admit that fall is around the corner, this was pretty cute. If I had a house with room to keep stuff like this..a garage..I'd totally get one for every season. Or, something. 

So , there you go. My obsession with owls continues. At least it's cheaper to take pictures than to buy all the owls I see. What are you currently obsessed with?


Sew Fantastic said...

Great finds! I LOVE that jacket! wish we had a Gordmans over here!

Brendon Jones said...

Oh my gosh Stacie, you make me tired sometimes....But I love it. So I was so against letting myself like the owl thing that has hit.....but I must admit I do like it!.....My favorite one is of the mason jar style glasses. I WANT THOSE!!!!!

I cannot wait to read and catch up on your busyness. Don't worry I am behind too from everything from Jasmins birthday in July to exciting thigs happening now.........One day I will catch up!!!

Love you

Lydia said...

I LOVE the colorful mason jars!!! My parents have the clear ones that we use when we're over there. I'd love to find some colored ones! :)