Sunday, August 11, 2013

Date Night!

Friday night for date night Tony took me to Cravings Bistro for dinner. Got the grilled cheese sampler plate and also a half of the pizza grilled cheese. It took quite awhile to get my order so they said I could pick a free treat.

I picked this sugar cookie. They were $1.50 and I was eyeing them pretty bad. So nice to get one for free! It was really sauce and the frosting was delicious, oh my.

Next we went over to Cravings which was a few miles down the road. We had never been here before but we were super stoked to check it out finally.

I found $10 in my pocket so I got the "Better Than What" cupcake (left) and a S'Mores cupcake (right). Thank goodness to find some extra monies in my pocket because I honestly couldnt decide between these 2 cupcakes.

Tony got the fruit pizza cupcake. I had a small bite but was too full to eat my cupcakes so I saved them for another time.

Tony was quick to start eating his, I could barely get a picture. 
It tasted so so good though!

Fun decor inside

We pretty much had the place to ourselves

Totally a place I would love to go again!

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Sean and Deana said...

Looks so yummy! We need to get back to doing date night too over here. It's funny you got two cupcakes and the couldn't eat them. I bet it was a nice snack when you did though :)