Monday, August 12, 2013

Cool Things To Update You On

Playing with the Rhonna Designs app after a night at Rocky Mountain Raceway watching the drag races on a Saturday evening. 

Tony made yummy rice, chicken with sauce for dinner one night.

Ready to go in to another job interview!

Hanging out with Alice (Trudie and Tony are not pictured) and Ethan and Allen from The Nightside Project. They are an evening talk show on KSL that Tony & I often listen to as we are going places in my car. Every night they eat somewhere for dinner and invite their listeners to come. This night they were at Pizza Pie Cafe in Midvale so we went there! Nice that it was not far from our house. Weird to put faces with the voices we hear on the radio.

Free dessert - oh my - to die for! Ice cream, whipped cream, sauce , with a cookie at the bottom of it all I think. I was so full from eating other food that I could hardly eat this! Luckily Tony & I shared it. 

Last Monday I hung out in Provo while Tony was in class and on my way to the mall I saw the Provo City Center LDS temple being worked on. I have heard about this but never have seen it or knew where it was exactly.

Rootbeer Float night at A&W with our free floats!

Driving to Winco after work and I saw these clouds letting out some rain. Cool to see. I wouldn't call this a summer monsoon like AZ has but it'll do.

Been winning a bit of stuff lately again in blog contests. This is something I was super excited to win - new business cards!

What fun things have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments below or blog about it and share the link with me!

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