Monday, June 3, 2013

Catching Up with Random Pics

My brother and his wife were in town from Rexburg for their spring break and we all went to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. The had never been before but I think they liked it a lot. Laura & Riley joined us too. Tony took the picture...this was after we ate. 

We went to Goodwill that opened recently by us on State St and I like to check on the owls when I go. Thought this one was really cute

Neat sunset I saw one evening when Tony & I were on the way home and he stopped in the intersection (just a 4 way stop) so I could get this shot. So nice of him <3

I met one of my friends, known on Twitter & IG as "WendysHat" at SNAP Conference during the Queen Bee Market.  I love following her and seeing all her adventures and pictures. It was awesome to meet her in real life and talk for a bit! She got this picture of us and posted it on Twitter so I snagged it from there :)

Driving home last week from Salt Lake these clouds were so unreal! Tony wasnt with me so he missed out but at least I got some pictures to show him how insane these clouds looked. 

This was closer to my house at a different angle. So neat!

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