Monday, June 3, 2013

Ward Picnic

Our ward had a picnic yesterday (Saturday) and Tony & I rode over on his motorcycle because it was really nice weather. Tony thought it went from 4-7 so we went around 530 and then it was towards the end! Whoops! We brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and played a few games.

I made a sandwich and got some potato salad, marshmallow salad and chips and salsa. I ate my cookie so fast that I didnt get a picture of it

Tony enjoying his food :)

Mmm a sandwich. LOL

Water balloon toss , Tony & I played and tied at the end with another couple. Then I tossed the balloon to Tony & it popped in his hands

Watermelon eating contest. The lighting is not so good but you get the idea

We helped our friend in the bishopric fix something on his phone afterwards and talked motorcycles for a bit then we headed home. Well, Tony to do homework and I went to the mall for a bit before heading to Yogurtland later to meet up with our friends Gabe, Steph & Austin. I didnt take any pictures there. Boo

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