Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Puro Peru Review

So in case you were not aware, K'Rico Peru no longer exists but the people who bought it kept it a Peruvian restaurant and it's now named Puro Peru. My friend Aimee & I went to lunch there and this is what I got.

The lunch special. 
Fried chicken, rice and salad. 
Funny that my salad was just 1 piece of lettuce and the rest of it is beets. Beet salad? I did not eat that part. A little of the purple got on my rice & I managed to eat it okay but I dont think I could have managed eating actual beets. No thanks. The chicken flavor was really good though and the rice was delicious too.
Then they brought me out soup. I wasn't aware that came with my lunch. It was steak, noodles, carrots, garbonzo (?) beans and a little bit of potato. 

 Also - Peruvian corn it looks like. So pretty - like a flower.
The broth tasted like one of my favorite dishes that K'Rico used to have...spaghetti type noodles with a green sauce except this time it was in my soup as liquid form. Very delicious.

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