Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I won a gift certificate last year to get a facial done at the Katherine Nelson meet & greet I went to (it was a blogger thing :)  and I finally got around to using it right before it expired! Not sure why I waited so long because once I was able to relax to enjoy it, it really felt so so nice! I wish I could afford to get one again sometime. We'll see! I really dont allow myself to do things like this ever. Massages? nope. Pedicures? Maybe once or twice a year. Spray tan? not so much. Facials? never til now!

This is my view as I was driving to get my facial done. It was a Saturday afternoon a couple weeks ago

Pretty but! I am ready for sun and summer!

I enter lots of blog contests and here is one I won recently on Utah Coupon Deals. A box of Chocolate Mint Balance Bars!! Excited to get this in the mail soon I hope!

In one of Tony's classes , they were in groups to do a project and they got first place! They got a gold wrench on a blue ribbon. He was so proud. Good job Tony! (and his group too)

Have you ever won anything? Comment and tell me what you won! I love winning!


Sean and Deana said...

You are such a lucky girl! You win things all the time. Thats pretty awesome about the facial. I love facials and massages and those things. I won a kindle fire once. It was pretty cool. :)

Stacie said...

oh wow, super cool you won a Kindle Fire once! Online or some other way? AWESOME! That tablet seems pretty neat. Yea, it is nice to see my hard work pay off..I dont talk on FB about the stuff I win in blog contests I mostly just give a shoutout to the blog on Twitter but I'm surprised about how much I've won this year already. Small things but hey, it counts!

Lindsay said...

You also love free stuff. I remember on the mish when you wanted to wake up at 5:00 on Thanksgiving morning (which also happened to be P-day) so we could stand in line at Big Lots for a free dinky wall clock. Sorry I pulled the plug on that one :)

lj said...

Nope, I never win contests. What kind of facial did you get? I've had one before and all my pores were so clean and nice.