Monday, March 4, 2013


I have not eaten at Wingers since my family moved to Idaho back in 2005. Maybe it was 2006 I tried it for the first time but yea, it's been a super long time! Tony & I were driving down State St. after eating dessert first at Nitro Freeze and decided to go here. I dont think Tony had ever been.

I'm at fan of the popcorn they bring you to eat while you wait. They brought us 2 bowls :) Mmm
This is Tony's had something to do with blue cheese. Crazy that there was a big pickle stuck on a stick into our burgers! The sauce for the fries looks like Fry Sauce but it def. did not taste like it. It was a lot sweeter. I'm not sure that I cared for it that much but it was interesting to try.

I got the 1/4lb hamburger (it was a $1 cheaper) and chips and salsa on the side. SO nice to have another option for a side besides fries all the time. I don't mind fries but I do love chips and salsa!

Here's a bit closer up picture. The lighting was not very good and I'm a little self-conscious of taking pictures of my food out in public, esp. if I have to turn on my flash. I guess I dont want to get in to trouble but I'm not sure what kind of trouble there could be.

Most food items on the menu were $8.99 and up. I felt it was kind of expensive for what we got. My hamburger was alright but it wasn't fantastic. The meat seemed a little dry on my burger but overall tasty enough to eat at least half before getting full. It made a nice lunch the rest of the day today :)

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