Monday, January 14, 2013

The Rest of Vegas...

Saturday morning in Vegas started out with crepes made by my friend Kylee who I have not seen for about 7 years!

Homemade crepes are bomb dot com! I put Nutella , strawberries and whipped cream on mine. So so tasty!

She also made bacon and potatoes.  BEST breakfast I've had this year!

 We were going to go ice skating on the roof of the Cosmopolitan hotel on the strip but after some discussion we decided Red Rock Canyon was a better idea due to the fact the ice rink is pretty small and a radion station was there doing an event plus there was a birthday party. Kylee had the National Parks pass so we were able to get in for free to Red Rock Canyon!

After visiting Kylee I met up with one of my favorite mission companions, Lindsay! Got to meet her husband for the first time and little girl who is so freekin adorable. Had a great time catching up with her and I hope to meet up with her again next time I'm in Vegas!

That pretty much sums up my Saturday. Headed out around 530pm, got a couple trash tacos at Jack in the Box (there is not one in SLC, sad) and picked up a guy who was riding from St George to Lehi with me. I dropped him off at his sister's house.

Stopped to get gas in Beaver. Recognized this chair from a picture a guy posted on Instagram so I was excited to see we stopped at the same gas station! It was literally freezing outside, sitting on that chair felt like ice.

Picture of our church building Sunday morning. Deadly icicles. I was NOT excited to come back to the extreme cold and snow and ice. Vegas was cold but not as cold as UT is right now with it's single digit/below freezing temperatures!

Got home about 130am in the morning safe and sound. Cant wait to take another roadtrip already!


Lindsay said...

It was fun to see you--it's been years! Let me know when you'll be in Vegas again. We'll have to get together. Oh, and you should put that picture on FB so I can have a "copy" :).

Derek Casey said...

nice blog!!! i would only love to go to vegas. i would say it is awesome

Alissa Wilbur said...

Hello! I'm a new visitor! I am loving your blog and would love to gain you as a follower. Looks like you had an awesome trip! I'm new to blogging! You're very inspiring. xo