Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Rock Canyon National Park

Saturday was the most fun day!

There are a few things I did that I want to post about but this post will focus on one place I got to go to in Las Vegas called Red Rock Canyon. It is a National Park, was sad Tony was not with me and my friend Kylee to check it out but it is now on my list of places that we must do this year (as in, Tony coming on a trip with me to Vegas to go to this National Park!) Get ready for a post with tons of pictures courtesy of my cell phone.

I was beyond excited as we were arriving, so weird but I was just unusually happy to finally be out, at a National Park (even though it was pretty cold!) and ready to hike around (even though I am so out of shape!)

Interesting how the rock were so bright red along the bottom then the tip was so much lighter!

We decided to check out this hiking area first. There were 4 hikes but we just did some exploring because there was a 13 mile scenic drive to do and other places we wanted to stop as well.

My friend Kylee climbing higher than me

People across from where we were, they looked far away but really we had not gone super far. I like how the rock on the left looks like it just got sliced down the middle pretty much.

very awesome view!

an arch is being formed here

The scenery was so so pretty

Looking down from a rock we had climbed up on

The place on the left was where we had just come from. This picture was taken after we had gone a bit on the scenic drive and we stopped at a parking lot to take some pictures and look through binoculars that were set up

Saw some birds with blue on them so we got out and tried to get a picture but my zoom wasnt super great, not sure if you can see a bird or not in this picture somewhere

Cactus reminded me of hiking in Arizona

The 13 miles went fast and we went to the Visitors Center to check out what was in there

I could tell it was going to be pretty cool

Oh owl :)

These displays were set up inside to the right when you walk through the front doors to the visitors center

HUGE glass window and this was the view that the park ranger sitting at a desk nearby said that he just loved seeing every day. I'd love it too

Owl stuff at the gift shop. I wanted it all but instead I just took pictures

Cool flip book, $4.99

Owl hand painted on a tile

Next time I go I want to look at that book!
The glass owls in front were adorable

2 owl magnets to choose from that said Red Rock Canyon on them. Next time we WILL bring one home for our fridge. These were $4.50 I think but they had other magnets for around $2

Took some time to go out on the back patio area which was actually quite large and walk around , checked out all the exhibits and information out there.

Not sure what this was but it looked cool

This is supposed to be a bird. These types of things were found all over outside, different animals that are supposed to be native to the area

Red rocks!

Another owl in this picture here

posing with a snake. dont worry, it wasnt real

Thanks for checking out all my pictures. If you are ever in Las Vegas you should find the time to check this place out. There are about 20 hikes to do in the park , easy, moderate and hard. Even a cool hike for kids that has petroglyphs. 

More info here 

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