Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dresses from Old Navy

Thanks to an awesome website called Crowdtap, I've been hooked up in the past with free clothes from Old Navy for me and a friend, I usually pick my sister Laura.  The latest one I got accepted for was for dresses so one Saturday evening a couple weeks ago we went and tried some on.

Laura trying on this cute dress

Then I tried one on...it looked much better on her though!

 This sweater dress was fun and is the one I ended up getting. Now, just need to lose some lbs. and be brave enough to wear it as this is my first time ever owning a dress like this.

Laura ended up getting this dress which I think looks super cute on her!

Thank you Crowdtap for accepting my application to get a free dress at Old Navy. It was a fun evening & enjoyable experience!


The Gilberts said...

I want Laura's dress!!! Way cute!

Stacie said...

I know! Super cute. I liked the length of the sleeves