Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bella Bash 2012

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, not really - just a storm passing through out in SLC. Some pretty heavy wind and rain. It was a Friday night and I was waiting for Laura in my car for her to come out to Durham Brands for a blogger event. After attempting to go to a couple other blogger events in the past few months resulting in ultimate fails it was nice that this actually worked out in my favor this time.

Yummy cake made by Topsy Turvy
I am impressed by her talent!
Sadly I did not eat a piece because I'm trying not to eat junk food sugar during the month of August. Sure looked good though. Sorry I did not get a closer picture. 

Getting crafty with Imaginisce I-TOP TOOL
I made a cool bracelet!

Waiting to get my makeup done by Aveda
These girls did a fantastic job!

They were also giving hand massages, I got one of those. Felt so good!

Laura getting a massage. Looked so relaxing

Riley being funny

My face with more make up on it than usual ;-)
I look a bit too excited here. Haha

Swag bag swag! Some samples, coupons, hair clips and rubber stamp

It was awesome hanging out with Laura at this event and getting to see other bloggers , some of which I follow online, and interact with them and get to know a few a bit better.


DASH said...

You really like owls don't you... My mom has a thing for them too... I even have a Owl tattoo for her. Looks like it was a cool event!

lj said...

Oh, how fun! How did you find out about it?

Stacie said...

Dash - yea, been super in to owls lately. It's craziness. Cool that your mom is in to them too and you have an owl tattoo! If I got tattoos then I'd def get a little owl somewhere. It was a very fun event!

Stacie said...

LJ..I'm on a blogger Facebook group and people just post events on there. I wonder if AZ has anything similar. I didnt ever look in to it when I lived there but I didnt really know bloggers got together so often! Maybe its just Utah.. I sure hope you can find some blogger events in AZ tho. I'll let you know if I hear of any!