Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two Beaches in 1 Day!

 I heart the beach and take advantage of every opportunity I have to go spend time in the sand and at least put my feet in the ocean. During our trip to Southern CA we had Monday to visit a couple beaches before heading back to Utah.

First we went to Venice Beach

Some people love this beach, others are so-so about it or else they just plain hate it. I love it because it is so interesting and there are lots of things to see that you don't see anywhere else.

Smooshing a penny to get a picture on it is a must-do!

More shots of Venice beaches...tons of little shops and 2 fire engines..dont know why they were there


Really cool art made with metal parts from cars and other stuff

Playing around in the ocean

Trying to take a jumping picture

So peaceful

Street performers. This is what delayed us to getting to Santa Monica!

A guy was going to jump over all these people bending over. And he did it! I should probably post the video...

So, we stayed quite a bit longer than planned on at Venice Beach and I still really wanted to go to Santa Monica so fortunately it wasn't too far from where we were at. 

Luckily we were able to find a parking spot without too much trouble

Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier!

We had lunch at Harbor Grill.
If you can see the Ferris wheel above, it is run by a solar panel! So neat.

I got a hamburger and fries for lunch and Tony made us fry sauce. He got clam chowder in a bread bowl and when I asked him which one he liked better, the one here at the pier or at Disneyland he said Disneyland's clam chowder was def. better. Who knew!

Choosing between Dippin Dots or ice-cream and the ice cream was a much better deal so that's what we did

Saw a brave girl holding an enormous snake

One last view of the beach before heading out. We didn't leave until probably 3:30pm , almost 4! A lot later than planned and we didn't get to our house in Utah until probably 5:30am in the morning. I don't regret it though - it was worth every minute spent in CA!

I turned out so dark here but at least the ocean looks pretty awesome! last look before heading back to the car. Tony had to drag me away.

Cool license plate we saw when leaving

Pretty fountain while driving the streets of Los Angeles to get back to the freeway

Pandy & Hoote were so well behaved on the trip ;-)

I loved the way these trees looked
Driving towards Vegas..interesting looking sunset and the moon.

I seriously cannot wait until I can get back to the beach again!

What is your favorite beach to go to in CA?

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