Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How About Some Disneyland?

I know I should keep things in order and blog about VidCon first but I just couldn't wait to get my pictures up from going to Disneyland & CA Adventure. So here you go!

We started out on the CA Adventure side which I've never done before that I can remember. We spent quite awhile over there! More time than I thought we would. We rode Soarin' Over California (one of my absolute favorites! They dont allow pictures on the ride though) , the Grizzly Bear River Run and walked around the new Cars Land as well as rode Tower of Terror. Click the pictures to make them bigger. I tried to do more collages because I just took so many pictures that I want to share on the blog. The rides in Cars Land had forever long waits! So for the racing one we decided instead of a 2 hour wait in line, we'd wait and hour and ride as single-riders. This meant we wouldn't be able to ride in the same car but it was okay to us that it meant a shorter wait in line. 

Tried this time to get pictures with a few of the characters. Managed to snag a few! I think the other ones are on my camera which is currently MIA..I had at least 3 cameras with me at Disneyland, not including my phone.

Riding Tower of Terror - a ride I have a love-hate relationship with. I hate the huge , long drop they do and you aren't even sitting in your seat, you are floating. Good thing everyone is seat-belted in!


Radiator Springs

Nothing was going on here when we walked by. 
Will have to check it out next time. It was all new though (to us) 

Too bad you can't see me! I thought I had the most awesome face but I guess the camera didn't catch it

SUPER EXCITED to finally have a pineapple whip again. Yes yes yes! If you have never gotten one of these before - you must do it! It's right outside the Tiki Room. So delicious and mouth watering - esp. if you like the taste of pineapple.

I went on Star Tours but you aren't allowed to take pictures while on the ride.When I find my missing camera I will post a video or picture I took while waiting in line because I know I did that at least!

 Good thing Tony was not too tall to enter!

Dinner was breadbowls. Tony's was clam chowder and mine was steak gumbo. So so good and my favorite dinner to get at Disneyland. About $10 each and very filling. 
Not bad I think!

Made it on the Indiana Jones ride after going back a few times because it had broken down  and then had 10 minutes to spare to dodge through the crowd and get to the World of Color in the CA Adventure side by 9pm. We didn't get a seat but we did get a spot on a bridge and the family in front of us was sitting down so I stood behind them and got some awesome pictures. 

This was our last ride of the evening and man, what a wait it was because our feet were already falling off and it was about an hour til we got our turn. So crazy. It was a fun but hard ride. I think they added the beach balls for some excitement because trying to lean together on this ride is difficult and you still don't move very fast when you do lean together. 

As for the beach balls, they are HUGE and hard to pick up unless someone throws you one or you trap a bunch in a corner and are able to snag one. I might ride it again but it's a weird ride and didn't seem to fit in. There are improvements to be made I'm sure as the ride has only been open since mid-June.

Night time shot on the Disneyland side on my camera

Night time Disneyland side on the photographer's camer

Night time shot on the CA Adventure side

Some random ones the Disneyland photographer got of us on the CA Adventure side

SO SO HAPPY  we were able to go to Disneyland again together. It rocked that we were able to rent our tickets and not have to worry about returning them since it was the last day they could be used. Super sweet!  The weather was pretty great, the crowds were not too bad, it was fun seeing other VidCon'ers in the parks and despite rides breaking down we got to ride everything we wanted to except the Haunted Mansion. I'll save that for next time!


lj said...

Disneyland is the best! I'm not much of a California Adventure fan, but we go there too because it's Ryan's favorite. The single rider line is the only way to wait in line at Radiator Springs.

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

This makes me smile! Definitely the happiest place on earth. I'm jealous that you've been to Cars Land! We've been waiting for the summer lines to die down and it.is.KILLING.me! So fun to see your pictures of it :)

The Gilberts said...

I'm jealous!!! Love me some Dinsneyland! Love all the pics and can't wait for our girls night in a couple weeks!