Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catch Up

 Tony and I went to eat at Scaddy's and they really did have the best mushroom burger in Utah I think! We used a coupon in my Entertainment Book that Tony got me for Christmas so it was a good deal for dinner. I think buy 1 get 1 free. We saw this funny poster at a table across from us and just had to take a picture as we laughed.

 Tony finally got his motorcycle , a Honda Rebel,  to our house from the house he lived at when we got married. It needed some general maintenance done so he bought a motorcycle jack on KSL from a guy for cheaper than he could at Harbor Freight. Yay! Got new tires, chain , battery and some other things for it. I cant wait until it is ready to ride (and I get my covered parking space back).

 Superbowl Sunday! We had Tony's friend Marc and his wife over to watch the game and eat with us! The main course was nachos, Tony mad yummy cheese stuff (below) and cooked hamburger meat, I chopped up tomatoes and we heated up some refried beans. We also had olives and sour cream as toppings. The other foods were dip and chips, a cheese,meat and cracker tray, baby carrots and BBQ potato chips. Tony made homemade ice cream for dessert to test out our ice cream maker and it worked. Tasted really good! 

Then we watched The Voice afterwards and called it a night. It was really fun even though I dont like football and played on my ipod most of the time. Next I'm headed to Arizona tonight so be prepared for a post about that coming up and lots of cool pictures. Plus, hopefully some more blogging will get done somehow when I'm in Arizona. 

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