Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Pinterest Party

 Last Saturday my friend Lindsay hosted the Pinterest Party this time at her house and made these melted crayon's for everyone in the shape of hearts. They turned out so cute!

 One of the crafts we made is shown above. Its a scratch off Valentine and underneath the silver hearts there are things that one can do for their spouse  such as foot massage, cook breakfast in bed for them, go to a movie together. The silver scratch off stuff was made with dish soap and paint, then spread on to contact paper.  Such a neat idea.

This table was set up in the living room, with the crayons, cool frames that her friend made for everyone even though she couldnt make it! That said, "I love you because" in vinyl and you can write below with a dry erase marker or just stick a sticky note on the frame and write something on it. I brought the plastic hearts that had a little bit of candy inside. I love the idea of people being able to take things home with them and this was perfect.

 I made these cherry cookies on the left along with orange creamsicle fudge on the right. Tony helped me make it and it turned out fantastic. The cookies on the other hand...I left out the salt so maybe that was the problem? But they did not taste good at all. Too much flour taste. Darn it because the picture of the cookies looked so good on Pinterest.

I wish I had taken a picture of all the other food but one girl brought tiny yummy donut holes she had made, Lindsay made cheese cake bites in the shape of hearts that were so tasty! As well as 7 layer bean dip in clear cups - ooh these are my favorite.  Also punch that was so delicious as well!

We also did a FaceTime chat with my friend Ashley who wasnt able to make it and she showed us a cool wreath she made patterned after this one HERE . Her's turned out so stinkin cute!

If you live in Utah and would like to come to the next Pinterest party, it will be on a Thursday evening this time instead of a Saturday. I'll be hosting it at my house and the theme will be Spring. So if you want to bring an Easter craft or St Patricks day or anything spring related to show off and /or have everyone make, that would be great!


C.Gibson said...

This sounds so fun! Maybe I should start one:)

Stacie said...

Krystal Ogden was talking about maybe doing one. I wish I had time to host one when I'm in AZ this week! But you or Krystal should def. do it. They are super fun and gets you actually making what you pin :)

Emily said...

What a great idea! I joined Pinterest lately and I have so many pins that i haven't made. Wish I lived in Utah. Hey, I need to add you on people I am following.