Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Second Thanksgiving

Saturday morning I dropped Tony off at his parents house so he could go to the Boise State game with his dad, brothers and brother in law. This left me free to spend the morning doing more shopping with Laura, Evan and even Julianne came along! We met up with her, Shawn and Hailey at DI and then headed to Old Navy, Craft Warehouse again and a few more stores.

 Trying on a cute kids hat. Haha. I ended up getting boots, a new jacket for church and a shirt.

Craft Warehouse with a $40 owl. Ooh I loved it!

Stopped to get Burger King cherry icee floats for everyone and a Little Ceasers pizza. Hung out at home for a bit, then headed to Tony's around 4pm for a 2nd Thanksgiving, Mexican style!

Waiting for food to be ready - Tony, Julia and I played Uno and above is Tony playing a card game with his nephew Tadman.

 Trishna and her husband Justin made chicken and pork chimmy chongas - oh. my. goodness. They were SO good I wish I could have eaten more than just one. There was rice , dip, chips and toppings. Pie for dessert but I was so full I couldnt even eat any. Holy moly though, I feel like the picture doesnt do it justice but it was one of those meals I could have died happy and gone straight up to heaven.

 Tony and his other nephew Jackson

 Super neat carving from Tony's parents trip to Egypt in April. They bought one for each of their kids. This is so amazing and I'm proud to add it to our Christmas decor.

 Relaxing and playing "What If" - a pretty fun game once everyone got the hang of it.

Trishna reading the cards and moving everyone's marker. Fun game to wind down the evening. In the past everyone has gone mini-golfing or bowling but this year everyone seemed content with staying home after calling a few bowling alleys and finding out we couldn't reserve any. Maybe next time!

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