Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

 Ice on the windshield as we were heading out to more stores but no snow :)

Went to Home Depot (2 actually) and bought some 2 TB internal hard drives for the media center Tony is building. Then we stopped in at Cabella's and Tony found a good deal on some ammo.
Evan with an elk behind him

 Polar bear!

 Tony reading about these..animals. I forget what they are called.

Then we stopped at Sonic so I could get my free breakfast buritto, then home to my parents where my dad had made bacon/eggs/pancakes for breakfast. Left again, this time leaving Tony at the house to get to know his tablet and took Laura & Evan out. Stopped at Goodwill first with Julianne and Shawn, I found some cute star ornaments (actually Laura did but I bought them) but that was about it.

 We went to the mall and I found these cool owl earrings at Kohls...

 Super cute but way expensive owl purses!

 oohhh I LOVE this owl plate - I think it was at Sears? Macy's? On sale but I couldnt justify spending $20 on it still :( aiii I kind of wish I had gotten it!

 Another cool owl purse

Tony's 6 month anniversary to me! WOOHOO - he didnt pay $100 for was much much MUCH less. Yay for great sales at Kohls! Thanks Tony - love you love you!

Other than that I got a sweet teal pullover v-necked fleece long sleeved shirt from JC Penny's for less than $5, shirt and hat for Pandy & Hoote at Build-A-Bear, foamy soaps at Bath & Body works...lots of looking , didnt buy as much as I normally do but it was all worth it! Stopped at Plato's Closet <-- the one in Boise is the BEST one I've ever been to. Seriously. There was actually room to walk around! Stopped at Petco, Craft Warehouse , ShopKo, Deseret Book and Office Depot again and thats about all we had time for before heading back to my parents house for another yummy dinner. I didnt want to go out again - my legs and feet were so sore and burning from so much standing and walking!

Did you score any super good deals on Black Friday?

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