Friday, July 29, 2011


 Kate with her Pinkberry

 me with mine - chocolate and coconut froyo with as many toppings as you want that would fit in the cup. So I picked strawberries, coconut and milk chocolate shavings

The group that came to meet up at Pinkberry, L-R: Emily & Chase, Billy ,me, Kate and Bridget. Super fun to see everyone...I was up at camp with Emily, Chase and Kate but I have not seen Bridget for a long time and Billy, well, we are online friends, he is a cop and lives in Sac and so I invited him to come because I know he likes Pinkberry & he was able to make it! Super nice guy. So fun to meet. Thanks everyone for coming out for a fun evening in Davis!

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The Gilberts said...

Pinkberry is SUPER yummy. The last two times I have been back to visit Cali I have been there at least 5 times. :)