Monday, August 1, 2011

I Dont Expect You To Understand...

Shoot I need to blog still about my CA trip & Girls Camp. But I'm getting ahead of myself and its okay! Its my blog so I will post in whatever order I want. SO on Friday night Linda took me to the Sacramento  airport (I've been in CA the last 2 weeks for Girls Camp & visiting/working) so that I could fly to Los Angeles for the 2nd Annual VidCon 2011! So stoked (despite missing Tony like crazy). My flight was delayed, I had to change my shuttle bus but I finally finally arrived at the hotel about 11pm. Super bummed because I missed DeStorm perform at the concert that night as well as many others. (VidCon was Thursday <-- industry day through Saturday).  I met my roomies, Holly & Zah (who was from England and had a sweet accent!) and Chesney , my friend from AZ, shared the room with us as well. The internet was terribly slow and kept kicking us off. I got caught up on some Facebook after going down to the Lobby to meet LaneVids and Mr. Arturo (who I didnt even know was coming!) Even at 11pm the lobby was FULL of YouTuber's it was pretty awesome to see.

 looking out from the balcony, we were room 1111. Easy to remember. Second pic was taken from across the street where there's a pretty sweet mall that I went to for lunch (Wetzels Pretzels) and dinner (Ajisen Ramen).

Why was I in LA? For VidCon 2011!

 Outside the doors for the main stage where they had panels and music and dancing!

 Sorry for the lack of quality on my camera phone pictures. This was Annoying Orange doing a panel of sorts. I walked in a little bit late. 

 Dan 3.0

  Revision 3 I think

 Hank Green (Vlog Brothers)

 Josh Sundquist - very inspiring! Check out his channel here

 Phillip deFranco

So you might be wondering, why the heck do I go to this conference when I dont vlog or post too much to my YouTube channel ? I think mostly because a) its a really cool things to go to since my favorite YouTubers are all in one place b) it helps boost my confidence that I CAN make and post my vlogs c) I started a new YouTube channel right before VidCon  to post new videos to [mormongirl782 channel...dont care for the name anymore and I made it forever ago! Sadly YouTube doesnt let you change your channel name. Not even once. Boo.] d) I can network and interact with people I might not be able to otherwise  e) I really look up to those who vlog and admire their ability to film, edit and make money (some) off of their videos. These are some reasons why I go.

 Shane Dawson in the plaid shirt signing autographs

 ijustine's sister Jenna in the gray and black striped shirt receiving a gift from a fan

 me with the Trejo family right before they left to drive back to Vegas. Super super nice. Just found out about them recently on YouTube so I've been following their channel a bit. Had no idea they were coming to VidCon so it was a nice surprise to see them!

 Got to meet my friend Lane! (aka LaneVids on YouTube) soo exciting to meet him irl! (in real life)

 YouTube woot woot

 table full of business cards from various YouTubers

 Narvaez family (2 of them) Check out their channel here
They sing the covers of songs pretty much. The little girl who is 4 is def not shy and has a pretty good voice as well as her dad.

 Babytard's car! See the epic derby race here

 hiimrawn playing the accordion. I really really really like that carpet (the squares one)

Outside for lunch on Saturday afternoon and can you see the two birds perched on the edge of this person's bowl, helping themselves? Kinda cute!

 me and Chesney in the Main Room on Saturday afternoon

 Guy who created Improv Everywhere. SO COOL

 hHis name was Ricky. We were all in the same elevator. But no, he is not Ricky Martin even though he totally looks like it!

 Lane with his cool business cards!

 Our hotel room!

This year's VidCon was bigger and in some aspects better than last year. I scored at least 5 free shirts and FINALLY got the one that Tony sent me (a Shaycarl shirt - YES!) , had free smoothies, tried to win a Looxcie bluetooth camcorder and got lots of pictures and some video.

So sad that VidCon 2011 is over. Wonder if I will go back in 2012?

There are pros and cons to next year. It will be held at the convention center in Anaheim instead of the Hyatt Regency in Los Angeles. This makes room for even more people (I think they will have 6000 tickets available for sale) and a couple cons are that all the YouTubers will be spread out through 5 or more surrounding hotels meaning less chance to run into the big YT'ers. Sad. Also more people means less one on one time and more waiting in line to do "meet and greets". Not as personal.  So, we'll see. Could be good but I have a feeling it wont be as good as the first VidCon. Even with this year's VidCon they had 2500 people compared to last years...1000? I am not sure on the number of people who attended last year but I could tell a difference this year. I saw lots of YouTubers in passing which was cool ("Fred" , DeStorm and Barats & Bereta , Kareem, just to name a few) but didnt get a chance to get a picture with them or if they did meet and greets, I missed it because that happened Friday and I came Friday night. Totally regret that. If I go next year - I'm leaving Wed or Thurs night so I dont miss so much!

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