Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Consumer Electronics Show - Vegas 2011

Words cannot sum up how amazing this weekend was, only the 2nd weekend of this brand new year - 2011!  CES was the wknd after Tony was in Arizona and I got to see him the weekend I went to Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show aka CES. I registered  for it in August 2010 when it was free so all I had to pay for was my plane ticket. In the end, I wound up driving because Tony got tickets to the Wave , on the border of Az and Utah, for the same weekend. Total score that I got to see him two weekends in a row!

Little tricky to get my badge..I found out the day before I was supposed to show 2 forms of ID and the 2nd form of ID had to be a pay stub or business card. So I printed some at work and luckily the guy at the counter accepted that and gave me my pass. Phew!
 So many Asians standing around outside on a break or something. I dont know why but I laughed inside. Prob bc it reminded me of a movie or something.

 Displays set up outside before I walked in

 Here's where to go! This is the main building and I spent a majority of the day in here.

First I checked out the 3D tv's for awhile. Boy they were pretty neat


I found a panel to go to but it turned out to be about kids and computer games that help them learn. It was interested, IF I had kids. So I was like, forget this , I am only here 1 day, I am going to go get free stuff and see all the vendors! So, thats what I did...err..tried to do. It was impossible to see everything in just 1 day.
 Left to right - cool robot ...wall of lights...some kind of bike..and a girl playing the new Kinect
 Huge wall of so many tv screens! It was just something you had to stop and stare at. Next, a few items from Dr. Who! Then, I spent some time at the Wired Magazine booth and won the Roxio cd software right before they closed and I had to leave. Intel had a pretty cool set up so I sat and listened to them for a bit.
 New car technology - dual USB and stuff, looked sweet. Ipad's that turn into a computer with a real keyboard and a phone you can hook your iphone into to use like a regular size phone. Lol

A band performed but I missed them :( Still, took a pic anyways  Allegedly Lady Gaga was at CES? Or maybe it was a contest to meet her but they kept saying "Lady Gaga will be here at 3pm" I dont care for her so I didnt stick around.
 The floor in the room I was in. It was huge and there were many more rooms to see!
Sweet jump drives, I liked the owl one! The pic in the middle has gotta be someone famous but I didnt recognize him. I managed to get close enough to get a picture before his undercover secret agents whisked him away.

A favorite place to get freebies

 Stayed til dark and then Emily Valentine picked up me...and my bag of schwagg 
(pictured below)

 I scored a ton of good stuff. Lots of pamphlets and information but also a tshirt, Reeses,soft 3D tv dog, Roxio software from the Wired booth, cloth to wipe my ipod and cell phone and more :D

Emily & I went to the newest hotel in Vegas and explored that. My legs were so tired from walking all over the place at CES but in my next post I will write about the new hotel, my dinner that pretty much cost $30 [ at least it was a buffet! ] and some cool pictures. Stay readin'!

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