Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Treacherous Driving

We left Sunday after sacrament mtg in my parents ward to head back to Salt Lake so I could catch my flight back to Phoenix on Monday morning. 
snowy field

sunset picture from Saturday evening

We left around 1230? I think? and the drive through Boise started out nice and sunny. Then the weather started to get worse.

saying bye to my mom. Next time I see her will be at my wedding! Eek!

Passing my favorite group of trees..somewhere past Boise area I think

 Top left and top right pictures are driving on a road to Nampa, one day clear , the next day snowy and icy!
 Top pictures are cars that drifted off the road because they were going too fast for the weather conditions. The one on the top right is a guy who passed us who thought he was so cool. Bottom left - a white wilderness. Bottom right - the road was like that the majority of our drive. Major scary and we started sliding once but Tony - bless his heart - was able to get us back on track.

No bueno. Click to enlarge. We passed over 15 cars that had slid off the road and might or might not have been facing the wrong way from the direction they were going.

I'm SO grateful that our rental car was a bit larger than the economy one we had paid for but then they upgraded us. Also for Tony and his mad driving skills that kept us safe. The road we needed to get back to SLC was closed so we had to keep going to Pocatello, then cut over. All in all I think we added an extra 2 hours or more to our 6 hour trip but it was good to be back in Utah and I did catch my flight on time on Monday. De-icing the plane delayed us but other than that, I was SO happy to get back to the Arizona weather! MUCH NICER than snow and ice and freezing temps!

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OH man! that looks intense!