Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Heart Hot Air Balloons

Here are some pictures from the morning Tony proposed.... 

By the way I am not happy at all that the old editor is still not back yet. The new editor I cant move my pictures around how I want or write too much of what I want to say underneath them. Grr grr grr! So the pictures are out of order and I dont know how to fix it :( sigh.

Getting the balloon out of the trailer
Our balloon is starting to grow!
The trailer our balloon came in

So pretty to look out and see all the balloons. There were about 12 or so up in the air with us

One of the other balloons

Looking down below us and we didnt even go too high!

Horses were kind of freaking out a bit at so many balloons going by overhead

The closest we got to the lake while going over.

Us with our pilot Shannon and his wife. They were one of the nicest couples ever!

Kinda inside our balloon as it was blowing up

I used to be the kid out in the yard waving to the balloons flying over our house when I was little. Now it was MY turn to be in the balloon!

Such a beautiful view

Tiny houses , cars and people down below

The ride is coming to an end

Newly engaged couple ! Yay to us!

They made us a cool hot air balloon with the cork from the wine bottle

Looking up into our balloon

SO ready to take off!

I'm super excited. I have balloons in my eyes..haha

Other balloons filling up for take off in Salina, Utah


Michael Beckstead said...

That looks like a blast! So fun.

Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

UUUUMMMM I am soooo jealous! I have wanted to go in a hot air balloon for like years!!!! Congrats!