Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday Wishes

I have wanted this camera for awhile but the price always seems so high! The ebay link that my keyword goes to is the cheapest I have seen.

Big Red gum is always appreciated. Nom Nom.

Anything cherry. Cockatiel. Stars. Fox. Volcom. Gift cards to food or Target or PacSun or Aeropostale or Walmart.

New Sacramento Kings license plate (the metal one)

Some sweet bird decals for my car?

Cherry seat covers for my car.

An iphone 3GS.

Some cool faceplates for my current cell phone.

Hrmm these are my ideas so far. Wonder if Tony will remember my birthday on Saturday? Time will tell! hehe
I am so excited to be going to L.A. this weekend for Vidcon with my friend Chesney. I hope I get to meet iJustine & Shaycarl!
Will need to figure a way to celebrate next week with some friends...Hmm


Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

I love your wish list! Send me your address and I will get you something sent in a package. :P

Michael Beckstead said...

Happy Birthday!