Monday, March 1, 2010

The Rest of the Story

Gotta finish up writing about my weekend with Tony in town.

Sunday the sky looked like this...a variety of things going on!

Tony made bread dough and we made little breads because that is the only size pan I had, rolls , and a couple pretzels. Put orange-craisins in some of them for a variety.

We went to sacrament mtg @ Countryside Park ward. In the afternoon I attempted to make chicken enchiladas.

Tony attempted to tint my car windows. I did not get a picture but sadly we were only able to do one window , the others didnt work out so we ended up taking it all off & trashing the project. The how-to vids on youtube make it look so easy!

Ate the enchiladas which turned out pretty good even if I had to get a bit creative and Tony loved them. Phew! We watched Olympics and worked on going through my closet full of boxes. Made some good progress and not too many tears.


Raining again. Went to downtown Phoenix to get my social security card again. Luckily we were in and out in about an hour. Phew. Lots of interesting people in that room waiting for their turn. We werent allowed to have our cell phones on so that kind of sucked but luckily I had my zune & ipod touch so we played games until our number was called.

Went to Shangri La for lunch, a recommendation of my friends Ben & Hillary. It was good , inexpensive and the portion was nice, we didnt have any food leftover!

Went to San Tan Village to go to Build a Bear. Hoote got her sound / voice fixed. She is all better now! No more sore throat. Pandy's birthday was Feb 14th and Tony bought her that soccer outfit as a present. I bought Hoote the Olympic hoodie bc they both like to watch the Olympics with me! LOL

Driving back towards Mesa it looked like some crazy rain ahead. But before we caught up with that, we stopped at FIVE GUYS that I had been hearing so much about and they opened one a couple miles from me so we decided to check it out.

The free peanuts when you walk in the door reminded me of Texas Roadhouse...

We ordered 1 hamburger and a large fry. The large fry was almost $5. Gulp. The hamburger was almost $5 as well. Thank you Tony for the treat ;-) We got to put as many toppings on as we wanted so of course I included mushrooms. My favorite! The fries were pretty tasty. It was crowded and sometimes the line went out the door! The burger was really good (seeded buns are my favorite!) , tasted different than In N Out. I think I am still a true fan to In N Out + they are friendlier on the wallet. I might eat at Five Guys again but wont make it a habit.

Went to Ocean Blue where it was only 10 cents an oz. ! Special deal of the day. Lots of people came. My friend Scott met up with us and took this pic.

bonus pic - of the soccer snuggie I made for Tony with the help of my visiting teacher, Amy!

Dropped Tony off at the airport Monday morning...sadness...but it was time to get back to "regular life" as I know it here in Arizona. Thanks again for coming Tony and for having such a wonderful weekend with me!


Michael Beckstead said...

Sounds like a very full weekend! I feel the same way about In-N-Out vs. Five Guys - they opened a Five Guys about a year ago here in SLC, and we now have 5 In-N-Outs here in Utah...

Ash and Matt said...

You two look so cute together! I'm glad that Hoote got her sound fixed... and that you and Tony had such a great weekend! You just LIVE for those weekends when you're in a long-distance relationship. Hope you get to see each other again soon!