Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saturday Is A Special Day

Saturday morning me, Tony , Elisa & Brandon drove out to Fountain Hills to go shooting. I brought a detergent and juice bottle, some eggs, water balloons and cardboard boxes. The dirt wall we hiked to (not very far) had some great places to set the eggs and water balloons. Those were our targets. It was great fun shooting until it started to get colder and sprinkle.

Elisa brought a couple guns she has , Tony brought his and Brandon & I shot a little of everything.

Got home and it was raining harder. Made Tony some hash browns and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and surprised him with.... angel food cake I made. Our favorite!

Went to the Chandler Fashion Square Mall for free pretzel day from Aunt Annie's Pretzels. Tony got cinnamon & sugar and I got regular (with salt). They were so so good.

We went to the grand opening of YoDipity in Mesa Riverview. Its a new yogurt place and I had a buy one get one free coupon. I think I still like Yogurtland best but sadly didnt have time to take Tony there. He still likes Ocean Blue the best.

We went to Lowe's and bought wood to make me a square foot garden. We bought a tomato and strawberry plant and a piece of material to help shade my plants for when it gets too sunny.

After running around everywhere, plus a few other places we went to while in Chandler and the fact that by the time we finished planting seeds and plants it was raining again, we settled down to play some wii and watch more Olympics.

Tony also bought me these girl scout cookies - a new kind! - and I really liked them! They have cranberries in them :)

Later that night for dinner we went to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant at Superstition Springs Mall. Last year for V-Day I was in Utah and we ate at an African restaurant. Its our tradition now I guess to try a new type of food on this holiday of love and flowers and chocolates so we ordered the platter that came with a lot of different things on it to try. The drink cups were HUGE. We got an appetizer of pita bread and hummus , one of my favorites and something that Tony had never tried before.

The things I liked most on the platter of food to try was normal type things, like the vegetables, potato wedges and rice. I'll try most foods at least once so the middle item was a lasagna type food but not quite the same texture. There was meat wrapped in grape leaves, I liked the meat sort of. Then there was another meat with sauce on it and that meat was good but I did not like the sauce on it. For dessert ( I was soo full ) we got Baklava which is "is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey." Ooh it was a little to sweet for me but I did have one bite. Tony liked it okay I think.

Overall they had good prices and great service. They were open until 11pm and we went around 10pm so the place was not very busy.

All in all a very good & productive Saturday together!


Michael Beckstead said...

Fun, fun! Sounds like you had a great Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Another girl that likes shooting??? And, you're in Arizona. So cruel.