Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday Night Date Night

So now its time to start blogging about my weekend with Tony. It all started on Friday night when I picked him up from the airport. His flight was supposed to land at 7:15 but it was a few minutes late and then it took forever to unload the bags off the plane so it was almost 8pm by the time I was able to leave the cell phone wait area. But finally I had him in my car and we drove back to Mesa to eat dinner at one of my most favorite places...


omgosh I died and went to heaven while I was eating there. I got the kabob with my favorite side of mashed potatoes. The last time I got the kabob it had bigger pieces of meat and everything came on the stick. This time the pieces of meat were cut up smaller and nothing came on a stick. It was a lot nicer! We ate, had leftovers and were too full to go get frozen yogurt anywhere so we just headed to my place to watch the Olympics, I gave Tony the vDay presents I had made him.

a soccer snuggie. He despises the snuggie but I couldnt resist making him one. Many many MANY
thanks to Amy , my visiting teacher, for letting me use her sewing machine and helping me make the snuggie since I am not so used to working with fabric and stuff. I did make two pillowcases on my own after I made the snuggie...anyways! See the soccer balls all over it? Thats his favorite! He's bound to use it, right?

This is not the finished product but I painted this for him and pictures go on all 4 sides. Inside is a soccer ball wall decal.

I also got him a shirt from Ross. And a cool light up flashlight / wand/ emergency light from Target. Green of course!

Then we played some Wii and called it a night.


Michael Beckstead said...

Sounds like an awesome night! I need to eat at the Texas Roadhouse!

Stacie said...

Yes!! You have one in UT even!! You totally need to go.