Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stompin' Grounds!

Left Mesa around 6:30 pm on Wednesday after work. Picked up a friend who was getting dropped off in Fairfield and headed out. I'm so glad I got new tires on my car before I left. It helped my peace of mind greatly!

I drove until about 2am and then Tim drove for a couple hours. Until we dropped off this dog shampoo ( a craigslist deal ) in Lathrop to a lady in a Target parking lot. We unloaded it from my car and waited for the lady to come and I imagined in my head the cops showing up because on the Target cameras they saw 2 people unloading suspicious containers from a car. Lol! It worked out fine though.

Next stop was Fairfield where I dropped Tim off at his parents house. He was going to be in the Sacramento area for a couple weeks visiting friends and family and playing golf. Along the way I saw hot air balloons, we went across 3 drawbridges and I saw my favorite windmills!

Arrived to Linda's house around 8am and she hadnt left to work yet so we talked for a little bit and I unloaded my car and got started working for the day! I only had to work 5 hours which was nice. In the afternoon I had a dentist appointment in Roseville where a dentist that my friend Sara from Oregon referred me to, was able to put a new filling on my tooth because the last one was cracked. My AZ dentist wanted me to spend $900 and get an onlay or something silly like that. PHEW I am soo glad it cost me tons less with this other dentist! And all I needed was another filling!

Met up with Linda and her friend Georgie for dinner and we went to In N Out! I just chillaxed for the evening and went to sleep early becauses I had only gotten 2 hours the night before!


After working my 5 hours....I dropped off a card to Linda at her work and visited my old job - Color Supply. Got to see Kip, Ed, Nita, Mike, Brandon, Steve, Hugo, one of the drivers and then Ed's son is working there again and he was working there my first time around working at CS, before the mission! So like in 2003! It was crazy to see him again. I was really thirsty so I went across the street to Sonic to try the new Cherry Sonic Chiller. It is very very good! Then I went and got frosties for everyone at Wendy's.

Went to visit Andrea's parents, Amada and Andy. Amada and I had a nice chat before Andy got home from work and Amada made such such good food

beans and rice and chicken with veggies. OMGOSH I LOVE eating at their house! They make the best food!

Then I found out Laura & Jeffrey were in town! I was so surprised because I thought they were not coming until Friday. So I went to Linda's and it was so fun to see them finally! Later in the evening, Kokob came over for awhile!


Oh glorious day. I didnt have to work! Laura & I did some errands, Jeff did his own thing, and we went to Andre's apartment pool party around 1...

That was really fun. Andre and I used to work together at Color Supply! Laura didnt have a suit yet so she just texted & tanned while I eventually got in the pool and the water felt really nice after awhile .I think that day it was in the 90's. We also tested out my camera which can take pics underwater. The pool seemed a little cloudy though.

Around 2:30 we met Kokob and Betty @ a thrift store and we did some shopping! Then Laura & I went to the Woodland Mall and found out Anchor Blue is closing (that location) so we scored some clothes for half off. Woot! JC Penney was having a good sale...other than that , the mall seemed pretty dead. OH! I did find a sweet pair of swim shorts that match my swimsuit so well at Pac Sun for $7!

Found a new pet store in Woodland called Pet Extrememe! OH I love it!

I wanted all the birds. They were so cute! The pet store was HUGE and had other animals in it too - including a shark in a very large tank!

My next post coming up will be about the 4th of July....

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big_smartmouth said...

girl you never stop moving!! i adore you for being so good w/ updating your blog, though. way ta' be!