Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Heart Traditions

I heart traditions. Especially ones I grew up with in my family. July 4th was a day full of traditions, even though my family doesnt live in Woodland anymore, Laura & Jeffrey were there to celebrate it with me!

It started with the annual Woodland 2nd ward (combined with 1st ward) flag-raising ceremony and pancake breakfast.

A navy officer spoke and did a great job

Got to see Camille Curteman! Laura & I used to babysit her and her brothers back in the day. Crazy that she is 8 years old now!

Another Skinner family tradition, donuts from Donut Depot!

Then Laura & I went thrift store shopping & hit up the 50% off sales...

Grabbed some food at Sonic and then saw this sweet car show in the Ross parking lot on Main Street so we stopped and checked it out

Went to Food4Less that evening and scored some Go Girls! Our favorite energy drink!

Linda's oven exploded while she was making really juicy thick burgers for dinner so we ended up at In N Out. As much as we love that place, I dont think we were so excited to eat there for our 4th of July dinner!

Linda, Laura & I went to Woodland High around 9:30 pm to see their fireworks show and it was really good! There were massive amounts of people it was so crazy. I think because of the economy probably not as many people bought fireworks? Well, whatever the case, it took some time to find a place to park and then we set up our chairs behind the high school and had a great view!

Went to Linda's and set off some of our own fireworks. Ground twirlers and sparklers!

All in all it was a GREAT 4th of July and I'm glad I got to spend it in Woodland with traditions, family and great friends!

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Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

Awww! That looks like sooo much fun! At least going to In N Out you didnt have to make anything! :) We went to the Sunrise Mall and waited for like an hour and a half getting out! So I think you are right when you said that the economy got more peeps at the fireworks shows. Looks like you had fun!