Monday, June 15, 2009

Whazzup Homie

Okay so for all of you who are currently not my homie here in the state of Arizona, here's what I have been doing lately...

Hanging out with Brennen a couple Saturdays ago, working on my car ( maintenance to make sure its ready to drive to Sacramento at the end of the month! ) we washed our cars and Brennen's dad let us take his 1924 Dodge for a ride around the neighborhood! Pretty fun car

Free root-beer float night at Sonic a couple weeks ago with friends! In the first pic is my friend Spencer, my roomie Renee in the yellow shirt and Emily is in the blue shirt. She almost moved in with me, but then Ashlie did instead ...we stayed friends though! In the other pic, gray shirt is Krystal who is engaged and getting married in a few months, Brennen was the only guy that (pink hair) who Melissa (sitting next to her) they both work at Cold Stone and then my roomie Renee again. It was such a fun night because we enjoyed free dessert and I saw some people from my old family ward there too.

Went to Ocean Blue (fro yo place) and met up with friends there. Spencer came, then Sean, Tim, Emily, me and Melissa! Melissa's friend Emily, (pink hair girl) took this pic

Staying busy working...trying to sell stuff on eBay and Craigslist, hanging out with my cousin & his family in Chandler, going to YSA activities - this last wknd went to a birthday-swim party for a friend, to a dance w/Brennen and to ice-skating for only $2!!

(Steve Cox & I)

Sunday went to 3 different wards for church (combination 5 hours i guess) and then to my friend Randy & Chris' place in Gilbert for dinner & smores!


Carissa said...

Thanks for the update!

Aaron and Ashley said...

Wow...sounds like a lot of stuff going on over your weekend! Looks like a lot of fun! That Dodge is really rad!!!

big_smartmouth said...

OMGsh, i am in love w/ the rusted car!! i love old treasures like that!! btw, do you EVER sit still?! =)

Michael Beckstead said...

Stacie living the high life!