Thursday, June 11, 2009

Road Trip!

I was gone in Portland the previous week. To keep up with my travels and my string of being out of town on the weekend, my friend Brennen and I decided it would be a good weekend to go to San Diego. My first district leader from my very first area on the mission was getting married in Chula Vista and I thought it'd be cool to go to see him since I hadn't seen him since 2004 at least! We started the trip Saturday morning around 7:30am or so. Leaving behind blue and sunny skies

To enter a cloudy and drizzly San Diego about 5 hours later. The buildings were so cool to look at. This is a part of San Diego I haven't spent too much time in.

We went to Seaport Village. Met up with Brennen's sister , Julie. She was really nice. They used to go here all the time as kids.

Got some delish pizza at at one of the shops and there were birds flying through and some came walking right in , asking for handouts! It was sort of funny. And sort of unsanitary.

We went to the water front and saw some cool kites flying and enjoyed the fresh air and smell of the ocean. Walked around more of the little shops and found a cool kite store and also a place that sold all kinds of hammocks!

This was my very favorite place because I found this:

and this fatty phatty chicken purse!

I loved loved loved the purple trees! And this flower type thing (bottom right) looks like it is related to the bottlebrush. I had never seen a purple one before though!

Headed to Blockbuster and I bought "The Italian Job" to watch on the way home. Also got a gift card for Johnny & Juliette. It took awhile to find their reception and we got there almost towards the end but finally we found it and he seemed pretty excited that I made it!

Drove to Vista , about an hour away, after getting some new windshield wipers for Brennen's car at Auto Zone. Stayed with my friend Melinda, we were in the same room at the MTC together (missionary training center in Provo, UT) but she went on her mission to Seattle , WA and I went to Portland Oregon. We have remained friends though and it was so fun to see her husband and her girls were sleeping but they were so generous to let Brennen and I crash at their place.

Early Sunday morning we were up and out and on our way back to Arizona. Got lost for about 20 miles (thanks a lot Lia! ) but eventually found our way and saw lots of pretty green on the way back home.

I took this pic while Brennen was driving. Impressed? I was. It is so centered I could not have done better if the car was stopped!

Back in Arizona I got a bit hungry for this...

Back to sun and fun in Arizona. Hopefully the next trip to San Diego will prove sunnier. And that we have time to go to the beach for reals instead of just looking at it from the sidewalk. It was a very worthwhile trip though and Brennen was a good sport to want to go with me. I already have another trip planned for the end of July. HECK YES!


Aaron and Ashley said...

It looks like a really fun trip Stacie! I think you are really getting those moving car pics down like super well!!! The flowers in Oregon are pretty! I loved that purple one! :)

Michael Beckstead said...

Man, you go on some great roadtrips! That trip to Oregon looked like everyday was so fun and such a blast, then it was off to California for you. Nice.