Monday, September 8, 2008

Countryside Park YSA Campout

The weekend of August 22nd, the weekend right after the Gable ward campout, I found myself headed to another ward's camping trip, this time up in Flagstaff which is a few hours away from Mesa. Rode up with Melissa and James and Dil drove us in his truck. Stopped to get food at Subway on the way up and arrived around 8:30 or 9 I think. Lots of people there! The cabin was HUGE!

Friday night we just hung out, played the wii, went on a night hike, listened to a few speakers and ate food. I knew a few guys there, Tommy Tew, Steve Cox and Jared Nielsen. Steve sort of kept "appearing" places and would make this vampire-type face and show his 'fangs' and it kind of creeped me out but it was so funny too! A random girl brushing her teeth in the bathroom upstairs called me a thug when I poked my head in, I was wearing a hoodie because I was cold, but STILL! I just turned around and walked away. I didnt know what to say.

Melissa & I ended up sleeping on the balcony overlooking the living room down below bc the bedrooms were already full of people. The electricity went out around 1:30 am I think, for the whole block, not just us. It was a bit more structured than the Gable campout and they wanted people to be quiet & sleep by a certain time. Not such a fan of that. I am not a youth anymore!

Saturday morning we got up and put away our belongings back into Dil's truck. Had breakfast - pancakes, eggs (kinda burned) , bacon, and fruit. A bit later they had 5 mini classes and we got to go to 3 of them. So I went to one on dating, one about "empty yesterdays" and goal setting and I forgot the last one but they were all really good. Lunch was sandwiches, chips, etc. Including a "Dil Sandwich" (pic below) Lol

We took off around 12:30 and instead of heading straight back to Mesa , minus James who was getting a ride with someone else, we headed up to see a crater which we never found exactly but we found other cool stuff instead.

Bonito Lava Flow

Sunset Crater Visitor's Center & saw the Painted Desert

Wupatki Ruins Visitors Center & lots of yellow flowers

San Francisco Peaks


Carissa said...

You went to the Painted Desert! Michael and I would really like to go there someday. Looks like you are staying busy and having a ton of fun!

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Wow! You are quite the busy bee!