Monday, September 8, 2008

Laundry Day

I created an invite on Facebook about this but in the end on Thursday, August 21st, only my friend Dil & I showed up at Fluff N Fold Laundry to wash our larger laundry items. Laundry can be more fun when you do it with friends! ESP when it has to be done at the laundromat. I hate going to do laundry there by myself so I put it off and procrastinate and then I have the bright idea to invite others to do their laundry with me! Haha. I washed my sleeping bag and a couple blankets/bedspreads. Dil washed a bunch of sheets and blankets. Who knew that putting tennis balls in the dryer made for better drying of the laundry! End result? Cleaner laundry! Yeah!

1 comment:

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Did not know the whole tennis ball in the dryer trick... We'll have to try that next time!