Tuesday, August 15, 2017

One More Week In Utah

I came back from my Seattle trip (blogging about that here soon) to a dentist appointment to get my permanent crown on my tooth at Apex Dental. They are pretty great and my dentist does a fantastic job and is very personable. 

Next I hit up Hobby Lobby in Sandy to get a few items for the Pinterest party happening tonight!

I downloaded the Noodles & Co app and got $3 off my first meal with the app so I used it to get the Pad Thai. Not a huge fan. The fat noodles were weird and it was spicy even though the guy at the register told me it wasn't. The steak didnt look good but it tasted alright. Not a dish I would try again.

I walked around the mall since it was right there and I had a toe surgery follow up appointment in Provo at 2. Well, it was actually at 1 so I missed it. Oops! Dropped some money at Payless Shoes and Maurices. Soo much cute stuff - I can't even!

Met up with my sister and took the kids to D.I and walked around. Is it just me or have you noticed the prices at thrift store (Esp Savers) going up and up? Not cool and I think people forget that these clothes have been worn before! Probably multiple times! $20 for a sweatshirt?! $12 for a dress? Mmm nope.

Found this amazing shirt but decided not to get it.

I've been hesitant and not had much time or chance to go back to Awaken Studios in Murray for my Caliente class but decided I must go this week or I'd have no chance until next year probably! The first week I was in Utah I had a conference and couldn't go...then Aunt Flow came and she puts me down and out for far too long. Ugh. Then I went to Seattle for a week so I really haven't been able to use up the rest of my classes like I had worked out before I came back to Utah this second time around. Overall it was a really good workout - I felt the burn! Lindsay is awesome and so patient with me and my mixed up feet and flailing arms. Ha!

Great day in Utah for a Monday. Excited to see what the rest of the week has to offer. 

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