Monday, July 24, 2017

Owl Prowl!

My friend Emily told me a month or so ago about an Owl Prowl happening up at Alta Ski resort and I knew I had to sign up! Even better, it was happening while I was going to be in Utah. Score!!

First we got some education about owls. I learned that big owls eat little owls. Eek!

Such pretty coloring and feathers!

It's always so beautiful up in any of the mountains in Salt Lake City

We walked up this trail, a little on the steep side, to go call and listen for owls

So many wildflowers! And I love the white trunks on these trees

The guides had recorded sounds of 3 different types of owls. They would play them off and on and we would cup our hands around our ears and listen. But we never heard any owls so maybe they were out or not fooled by our recorded owl hoots. And did you know, not all owls hoot? Whooo knew!

 I guess these owl prowls happen every so often and my advice to you if you go would be:

1. Bring bug spray! There were quite a few mosquitos buzzing around us and biting.

2. Bring a good headlamp or flashlight.

3. There are 2 different trails they take you on and going on the steeper one, I got hot fast! Wear layers.

4. Bring water! They provided snacks (fruit leather and peanuts) but I got so thirsty.

5. Wear good shoes. The trail I was on had some slippery rocks and gravel. 

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