Monday, January 16, 2017

CES 2017 - Day 1

I can't believe this is my 6th year attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It's soo much better when I can blog about it at the end of each day but I was exhausted and out late after the conference, then up early to do it all again so the blogging just didn't happen. Now it feels like a chore to document which sucks because I never want blogging to feel like a chore. However, what I did and saw must be documented so here we go. It also must be noted this is the first year I think that I was actually able to go for 3 full days. I dont stay Sunday since it seems like most companies are dismantling their booths that day but maybe next year I'll go for half of that day or something. 

First off, my car hit 200k on the way out of Ridgecrest so of course I had to pull over to document :)

Bad plan was to wait until 9am to leave my friend's house in NLV because my favorite $10 parking lot was not an option and I spent until at least 10 or shortly after, looking for parking. I ended up parking in a super sketchy looking neighborhood because I was sick of driving around. I prayed all day no one would break in to my car. I scheduled a Lyft driver and got picked up in minutes and dropped at the convention center. Perfect!

So happy after getting my badge - took my traditional pic to document

The pictures above are at the Amazon Treasure Truck! I've heard of it but never seen it in real life so it was neat to actually come upon one. I stood in line, got some Amazon swag and spun the wheel and won a backpack or hat. Of course I picked the hat.

I got some tacos for lunch from one of the food trucks.

Machine/robot spray painting a wall

I can't say enough nice things about my friends Marie and Mark who I met 1 year ago - at CES! It is so cool we have stayed in touch via FB and been good friends ever since. They were only able to come to CES for a day but they were so kind to let me walk around with them as we explored the booths together. 

Look at these cute little 3D printers from Kodak and the fun things they made 

I really liked the paint job on this car - like a matte finish

It's 2 washing machines in one - way to multi-task!

Great TV's by Sony

SO THIN because all the components are kept in a separate box. Not sure how it works - wirelessly I am assuming. 

In love with the phone case that has scrolling words, so fun

Taking my picture at a booth about robots, for a contest (and for those who say I always win...I dont think I've ever won anything at CES. So there!)

There were so many robots geared towards kids this year

Of course, I had to find an owl

This is an entire walkman (as the picture says, haha) Way cool!

Flat Nintendo remote. LOVE.

I'm pretty sure this was a speaker

Some of the CES show floor, it is neat to see the creativity of many of the booths

The floating speaker in real life!

That wraps up day 1 at CES in Las Vegas. Watch for a post about day 2 coming shortly.

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