Friday, July 8, 2016

Provo Hot Air Balloons!

The 4th of July celebrations started on June 30th this year. There were hot air balloons flying on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. Tony & I decided to drive down with our teardrop on Friday night, stay the night at the field and watch the hot air balloons take off in the morning. The ETA was for 6am and we did not want to get up at 5 to drive down to Provo.  Our plan worked great and in the end the balloons did not really start inflating until 630am or so. 

Here are some cool pictures I got!

Lots of people waiting and ready to watch the balloons inflate

Patriotism peeking out!

Hmm okay?

Some crazy careful steering to get around the crane!

These balloons were high on the air on strings and the hot air balloons had to maneuver in to throw a beanbag at an X on the field. A game to see who could get the closest!

#SORRYNOTSORRY I just had to share them all!

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