Monday, July 25, 2016

Birthday Celebrating All Month Long!

My birthday was July 10th and we celebrated on the 9th by going to Bear World in Idaho. So so fun. Each week I wanted to do something that friends could come to so one week was a movie in the park, nobody came. The next week was Draper Days and no one was able to come to that either. Next I did a night at Create Donut which is a new dessert place in Sandy. I actually had quite a few friends that were able to come. Hooray! Here are a few pictures from that night but sadly I did not take many at all because I was too busy talking to everyone!

This is most of the people that came - Alice, my sister Laura, Mel, Riley, Joey and Jennifer (whose entire family came - yay! - but they didnt want to be in our picture)

My coworker Sandra came and her daughter Kristall and her son Riley. Sadly I didnt get a pic with them


Tony & Mel were friends long before I met Tony. Mel and her family live in Utah. We dont get to see them too often but when we meet up it is always a fun time!

Alice and I both grew up in Woodland, CA and now she just lives a few blocks from me here in Utah. We always have a lot to talk about and I'm so glad she was able to make it! 

I stole this picture collage from my sister. She got a few good action shots of the night. My brother Matt happened to be in town from Rexburg, ID so it was great to see him for a short visit before he headed to Romania for some army training on Saturday! He'll be gone for 3-1/2 weeks. Utah is such a good meeting spot for people! 

I appreciate everyone so much who was able to come. It's hard to talk to everyone and make sure everyone feels included but I hope everyone had a fun time. The desserts we all got were so delicious! Gelato, shaved ice, crepes, donut creations and more!

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