Friday, June 19, 2015

Springville Balloon Fest

Last Saturday was so very busy but that's how I love my weekend to be usually. We drove down to Springville and 'camped' for the night so we wouldn't have to make the hour drive early the next morning. We signed up to volunteer at the Springville Balloon Fest which was an interesting experience.

We woke up with a start to the sound of one of the pilots testing their burners. I had fallen asleep and neglected to set my alarm. It was cool to wake up to the short blast of fiery sounds though!

 First balloon launches! 

I see a pig that flies!

Almost inflated and tons of balloons in the air around it!

Now you see hardly any...they float slowly usually but its fun to see the direction they go depending on what elevation the pilots put themselves at


 Where we stood from shortly after 6am until almost 9am.
The free rides went fast, I guess people were lined up before 6 in hopes of getting a ride.

Getting ready to drive back home. It was perfect weather and the perfect way to start our morning!

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