Monday, February 2, 2015

A Trip To Idaho


My dad emailed my family on Friday letting us know he was going to get a new calling on Sunday in his ward if any of us wanted to come see it all go down. I'm always down for a roadtrip so my sister Laura, her 2 boys and I all headed out Friday afternoon to Boise.  Tony wanted to come but had too much homework and Rocky was still in Peru. So..girls trip! (minus the 2 boy-kids traveling with us).

We filled up in Mountain Home for gas at $1.99/gallon. Sweet. Grabbed a couple trash tacos from Jack in the Box and made it to Meridian around 9pm. The boys were glad to get out of the car and I was glad we made it safely. We caught up with our parents while eating some meat sandwiches and my favorite Cool Ranch Dorito Chips.

On Saturday there wasn’t too much planned so we went to our sister Allison's house, who lives in Nampa, to let the kids play and we went to a restaurant called Hong Kong for lunch. Of course we had to hit up the thrift store DI on the way back.

Sadly I took no pictures of meals at my parents house this time but dinner was pot roast, veggies and dip. I DID take a picture of the angel food cake my dad made! My mom made the gluten free chocolate frosting and it was actually soo delicious! Jeff , McKayla and their 2 kids had arrived from Rexburg so it was a full and noisy house. After dinner Laura and I went to Epic (clothing exchange store - one of my favorites!) , Craft Warehouse (oh I want all the things!) and Winco.

When I got back to the house, my stomach was starting to hurt. It all went downhill from there. I woke up every couple hours by babies crying or my stomach hurting like crazy. I took some charcoal capsules which always help, and they did for a bit but then the pain came back. I couldnt convince myself anymore to not throw up so that had to happen. I'll spare you the graphic details. Shudder. I didnt eat anything all day Sunday and managed to feel better enough by the time church started so I didnt have to miss that. I was super bummed to not hang out with Allison in the morning or my sister in law Trishna. I had to cancel all my Sunday plans basically!

But I'm so glad I made it to the most important and main reason we had come to Idaho.

In case you didnt read the news already on my Facebook status, Twitter or Instagram, my dad is now the new bishop in his ward! The ward had about 800 members and they finally got approval to split the wards. The new ward is meeting in a different building and the ward my parents currently go to will remain where they are and my dad will be in charge of the congregation. So super cool! The pic above is him and his 2 counselors. It was neat to be there when he was sustained and set apart. I know they will all do a fantastic job helping the members of the ward and keeping things running smoothly for the next 5 years at least!

In case you arent familiar with what LDS bishops do, here are some things:

  • Preside over ward meetings
  • Conduct ward business.
  • Coordinate the work of the Melchizedek Priesthood. 
  • Oversee callings and releases.
  • Oversee the performance of ordinances and blessings.
  • Recommend brethren for advancement to the Melchizedek Priesthood.
  • Give blessings of comfort and counsel. 
  • Interview and recommend worthy members to serve as full-time missionaries.
Terrible picture quality (that's my front facing camera in bad light for you!) but we did stop by Allison's after church on Sunday to drop off and pick up some things. It was fun to see her and her family one last time!

Took some pictures Sunday afternoon before we drove back to SLC. On the left is Jeffrey Jr., middle is Reese and on the right is Chloe. Riley was in a tantrum mode and refused to be in the picture. 

I am so glad we got to come to Idaho for such a special occasion and be able to spend some time with family. Now back in Salt Lake and getting back to the regular schedule!

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Aimee said...

Don't eat those tacos next time! I bet that's a culprit of your always sick inidaho! Lol