Thursday, January 8, 2015

Consumer Electronics Show Day 1

 I arrived in Las Vegas Tuesday evening around 10pm. It only took me 5 hours to get here which was nice, no bad weather to deal with! I am staying with my friend Kylee in NLV so it's a perfect arrangement! Downtown is not too far and I am staying in a comfy bed with a great friend hosting me!

I found a lot that I could park in for $10. I took a picture to remind myself how to find my car again.

 I parked behind the south building at the Convention Center. It was easy to find where to get my badge and then I was on my way!

Oh the selfie stick. I love you all.

Drones seemed to be a big deal in the section I started out in. So many colors and sizes.

There was a gaming section but since I am not in to gaming, I didnt really go explore it. 

However I did pass by and see this virtual reality type of game that some employees it looked like, seemed to be demonstrating how it worked. Walk, aim and shoot (see below).

Then I spied these two devices for handheld gaming and they attach to your cell phone. 
Actually, this is pretty cool

I have a Roku but..I should investigate this later, I took a picture to remind myself

Then I got to try out this fancy fancy massage chair. It gave me a deep tissue massage which was tickley and hurt but overall when I got out of the chair, I felt like I was floating. It did a really great job even though it was sometimes painful. I guess I am just really tense! If you buy it at the show I believe it is 30% off, free shipping and free set up at your house! I was so tempted...easy payments of about $135/month. Boils down to $5/day they said. It massaged you from the bottom of your feet, to your bum, to your arms/hands and all the way up to your head. It does a scan of your body to see where it needs to work. Plus it has tons of settings. I was told its the only massage chair that has heated ceramic rollers. Whoooo!

I liked this booth a lot , its a remote to take selfie pictures with your Android or Apple phone.

Then I got sung to by an Elvis impersonator for the company GoldKey which is encrypted email, secure chats, and more. They have a new watch out ($400 but $200 at the show) and you put your SIM card IN the watch itself. Very interesting. I played with one and it was pretty neat. It uses the Google Play store for apps. I sent Tony information because he likes tech security but he said he wouldn't wear it because he doesnt like to wear a watch. Sad day. I only have so many arms for watches!

World record breaking headphones!

What if you could? I took a picture of this to show Tony & reference back to later.

Then I got an awesome hand massage. Really. It was amazing.

I wanted these wifi camera glasses. What a neat idea!

It's not a pocket knife but a USB pocket charging hub!

A wall full of remotes, oh my!

Ahh I love that was there! I saw Jon! I used to watch all the time online but havent for a job where I couldnt watch them anymore I guess. Or at least, not as easily and I'm sure its recorded but live is always what I love the most!

Neat skateboard a guy had with him. I made a Vine video of it in action. You will have to scroll until you find it, I couldnt find a direct link, just a way to embed it which I didnt want to do.

I also have a video on Vine of this super cool 2-sided remote. I've seriously never seen such a thing but I guess they come with some smart TVs. Really so neat though, especially that if you are using one side of the remote, it knows! and doesnt respond if you accidentally press buttons by accident that are on the other side. So smart.

I waited in line for about an hour to have my badge signed by rapper 50 Cent. That was kind of cool. Surreal. Happened so fast. But I met some cool people around me in line that I chatted with to pass the time while we waited. Including a girl from London who writes tech stuff & is covering CES at ! The other friends I made were 2 guys from Ogden, UT who flew to CES and were amazed I made the drive in 5 hours. They insisted I had to have gone 100 mph. Haha! Then the guy behind me lives in Vegas and works at Best Buy. So fun hanging out with everyone in line! 

Finally around 3pm I got hungry for lunch.

And I was obligated to take a selfie with my signed name badge.

As I ate lunch, a woman walked up to me and asked me if I knew there was a triathalon person coming in about 10 min. I said no way! She gave me a bag full of cool stuff...water bottle, a snack, a tshirt, some head phones, etc. I was able to snap a pic of the guy as he came running through the finish line. So neat.

More virtual reality type gaming I guess. This chair moved and spun 360* with 3 screens in front of your face. Some car racing game.

Some cool TVs. Gotta love the birds

And of course, the curved TVs are back!

There was a long line to meet this couple but I didnt wait. I do like watching The Voice sometimes but Im not certain I know who these people are. 

I got to check out these neat virtual reality glasses by Samsung. Still rough around the edges quality wise but overall, really cool and it didnt even make me motion sick to have them on.

After CES ended about 6pm, I made it back to my car and sat there for an hour just resting. My legs and feet were incredibly sore but I had worn my comfiest shoes! Sad day. I eventually went over to my friend Emily's house which is always a blast and then I grabbed some dinner at In N Out. Seems like their prices are cheaper than Utah, am I right?!

The sweet swag I got today.

I cant wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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